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Our hand crafted beers

All of our beers are brewed with natural ingredients, like water, hops, barley and yeast. We brew without preservatives or additives. There are permanent beers  along with a number of seasonals available. Below is a list of what's currently on tap at the brewery.

We also have gluten-free cider and a variety of wines available.

Likeabull Lager, 4.5%

A very light, clean and crisp lager. This is the only beer we brew that we filter.

Original 83, 5%

A subtle honey light brown ale, brewed with locally-produced honey. 

Doc Tegart's ESB, 6.5%

A hoppy extra special bitter with notes of passionfruit and pineapple, due to the mosaic hops. A local fave!

Medium Pace, 5%

A hoppier version of our honey brown ale.

Blonde Bombshell, 4.8%

Made from German hops, an easy-drinking ale, lightly-coloured with a kolsch-like finish. 

I've Been Thinking About Getting the Band Back Together, 5.5%

A beer for those that like hops, but an IPA is a bit too much. Nicely hopped, without going overboard.

Black Jack, Dry Irish Stout, 5.5%

A dark, rich stout with a creamy mouthfeel and head; notes of chocolate and espresso.

Berries of the Night, Raspberry  Wheat ale, 4.5%

A delightful harmony of flavors, with the subtle tang of raspberries complementing the smooth, creamy texture of the wheat. Made with B.C Raspberries! A fan favorite! 

Ask about our seasonal brews! 

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